Graduate barber battle – Dave Diggs & Andis Clippers

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On Dave Diggs’ recent visit to Europe for HJ’s Hairdressing Awards and LSB’s competition and graduation, he received a bit of publicity on a article noted below

“Were were pleased to have Dave Diggs the barber at both academies to judge our traditional Senior Graduation Competitions. Having the international Andis Clippers educator and such a respected global barber at LSB was inspiring, not only for the students but our educators too. The owner of Barbers Inc barbershop in downtown California, he has experience and knowledge in abundance.

Dave gave some invaluable tips to the students – The 2 keys to success: Tools and technique.

“Invest in great tools. They will do better cuts. They will shave off time. Have the right tools. They’ll pay off and make you better.”

“Technique. Champs Barbers in London has hired 4 LSB grads, who all learned the right technique to lay a solid foundation. Instructors at LSB are teaching great technique,” he said.

Also, congratulations to competition winners, Billy (City location) and Jorge (Drury location). Thanks again Dave, and we hope to have you back soon.

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